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A Mano, Prima Primativo


Prima Mano’ Primitivo is produced only in excellent vintages. Sourced from two ancient vineyards on the red sand soils of the Ionian coast, it is extremely dark and concentrated, with the spiciness typical of Primitivo.

Elvezia Sbalchiero has succeeded in making Primitivo one of Italy’s most talked about grape varieties. By paying high prices for the best grapes (sourced from 70 to 100-year-old vines) and focussing solely on quality and a modern style, they have revolutionised the style and calibre of Primitivo.

A deep purple wine with a rich, full bouquet showing black cherries, violet and mocha notes. Full of juicy blackberry, cherry and plum fruit, with dark mineral and peppery spice on the palate.

Impressively concentrated and lush without being heavy or sweet. This wine has a freshness and an acidity that is instantly inviting, leading to a persistent aftertaste with balance and structure.

750ml | 14.5% ABV

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